The City we Desire.

The City we Deserve.

The City we Fight for.

I call on Toronto, and everyone that lives here, to build a City we can call home. A city where we are connected. A city that is taking responsibility for climate action. A city transformed into a decolonized, social justice oriented place.  In signing this platform, I commit to building strong neighbourhood organizations that can achieve this pragmatic vision, and dream together for more.

We are in a struggle, and it is hard to feel hope within that struggle, everything is political, and everything is uphill, but what I bring to you today is to not feel defeated. Work outside the system, break rules, dream, we are visionaries. We need to put forward our solutions and Ideas, so we aren’t always in a reactive position.
— Zoe Dodd, Toronto Overdose Prevention Society (TOPS)

There is a spirit of resiliency in racialized and marginalized communities that allow us to keep thriving and pushing forward, regardless of exclusionary policies, such as Bill 5
— Suzanne Narain, Jane Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP)