We are in a struggle, and it is hard to feel hope within that struggle, everything is political, and everything is uphill, but what I bring to you today is to not feel defeated. Work outside the system, break rules, dream, we are visionaries. We need to put forward our solutions and Ideas, so we aren’t always in a reactive position.
— Zoe Dodd, Toronto Overdose Prevention Society (TOPS)

The City We Deserve reflects a vision for Toronto that we will continue to fight for, regardless of who is elected to City Council.

Following the municipal elections, all the individuals and organizations who signed on to this platform will be invited to gather together in an Assembly to determine our future steps.

At this Assembly, we envision:

  • An alliance of grassroots organizations in our city who will coordinate to ensure that the new Toronto Council will commit to building the City We Deserve;

  • New neighbourhood and/or grassroots organizations emerging to fight to make the platform a reality in their communities;

  • Committing support for any group in the city that has a transformative vision whether it is directed towards city policy, or provincial or federal issues;

  • Education systems to move us towards affirming our Right to the City and building the basis of new economic and social systems that prioritize the creativity and safety of Black, Indigenous and racialized women, Two Spirit, queer and nonbinary people, and collectivities over individual profit, and wage exploitation.

But we will leave the final decision to the Assembly and the founding organizations.